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Mon Feb 9 00:23:56 UTC 2004

Immortality Institute ~ For Infinite Lifespans
Mission: End the Blight of Involuntary Death

ImmInst Chat - Mike Lorry
Free State Project & Libertarian Issues Mike Lorrey 
joins ImmInst to discuss the Free State Project and 
Libertarian Issues as they relate to immortalism. 

Chat Time: Sunday Feb 8 @ 8 PM Eastern

Summit - Vital Progress "VP"
In mid-Feb. 2004, Extropy Institute(ExI) hosts an 
online Summit to take a look at the "Beyond Therapy" 
Report produced by President Bush's Bioethics Council. 

John Sperling - Anti-aging Quest
Brian Alexander, author of Rapture: How Biotech 
Became the New Religion, reports that University 
of Phoenix founder, John Sperling, plans to invest 
$3 billion in anti-aging research upon his death. 

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