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Sun Feb 1 11:50:47 UTC 2004

Immortality Institute ~ For Infinite Lifespans
Mission: Conquer the Blight of Involuntary Death
Members: 1211  
Full Members: 61

ImmInst Chat -  Nanotechnology and Life Extension 
Inventor, entrepreneur, and published author in the fields 
of nanomedicine, nanomanufacturing, and administration 
of nanotechnology, Chris Phoenix joins ImmInst to discuss 
Nanotechnology and Life Extension. 

Chat Time: Sunday Feb. 1st @ 8 PM Eastern

Chat Archive: http://www.imminst.org/archive/chat.php

ImmInst Book Project - Final Cut-off
Final submission to the book project will be 
accepted until Feb 27th.  

Extropy Summit - Vital Progress "VP"
In mid-Feb. 2004, Extropy Institute (ExI) hosts an online 
Summit to take a look at the "Beyond Therapy" Report 
produced by President Bush's Bioethics Council. 

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