[extropy-chat] Animals

David Lubkin extropy at unreasonable.com
Mon Feb 9 02:28:41 UTC 2004

Thinking about animals adapting in the wake of humans got me wondering 
about animals in the wake of transhumans.

As you envision the world of tomorrow -- nanotech, genemod, space-faring, 
uploading, AI/IA -- what do you want or anticipate for animalia?

Some options:

(a)  Migrate people and industry off-world, and turn the planet into a 
nature preserve
(b)  Restore recently- or long-extinct species
(c)  Create new or variant species for art, entertainment, utility
(d)  Take species with us to space
(e)  Modify species to suit non-terrestrial planetary environments
(f)  Increase species sentience (a la Clifford Simak or Cordwainer Smith)
(g) Increase sentience of living animals
(h)  Upload, to transhumanely clear the way for disassembling the planet
(i)  Move to an L-5 style habitat
(j)  Disassemble the planet without removing or uploading the animals
(k)  Leave animalia to their own devices

-- David Lubkin.

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