[extropy-chat] Polly the Opera and Polly the weird promotional exe

emlyn on nagero nagero at chariot.net.au
Wed Feb 11 01:25:04 UTC 2004

Damn, I've failed to establish my own identity. Help me out here, anyone... 
Maybe ask me a question only Emlyn would know. No, wait, google probably 
knows all that and more. You could ask me a question that only I'd get 
wrong, that might work...

Max, where are your kahoonas? Run the exe, you know you want to. Or do what 
I do sometimes, kick off a VMWare machine, run the thing in that (all 
networking turned off), scrub the machine afterwards.

You can find links to the exe on my singing groups website 
(www.threebluefish.com). It would have more credibility if there were also 
links to my Land Canaan stuff, but mp3.com went bye bye so my music is 
offline now. Hmmm. It does link to my personal homepage, though.

Well, in lieu of establishing that I'm really Emlyn, and not just some no 
life fool who can't think of anything better than trying to steal my 
immensely valuable identity in order to convince extros to run a silly 
program, I'll just goad you all. Yer yellow livered sons of mongrel dogs, 
run my damn program! Your mothers wear army boots (I've never understood 
that as an insult, I think it's an american thing). Or how about "Anyone 
who is too scared to run my exe is a big fat LUDDITE"!

Oops, now I've gone to far.

Anyway, run this -> http://www.tbfdownloads.com/polly.exe

(or is it?)

At 12:00 AM 11/02/2004, you wrote:
>emlyn on nagero wrote:
>>A week or so ago I asked some annoying questions about an app I was 
>>developing, about preventing virus transmission, etc. Well, I finally 
>>finished the program, and I thought I'd post it here so people can see 
>>what they contributed to. There are some fun bits to it!
>>Give it a look, go on, you know you want to!
>Hmmm someone claiming to be Emlyn, but with a new email adresse asks us to 
>download and execute an .exe from an anonymous site ....
>I don't know what to think here, but I won't take the risk.
>regards Max M Rasmussen, Denmark
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