[extropy-chat] Polly the Opera and Polly the weird promotional exe

Max M maxm at mail.tele.dk
Tue Feb 10 14:30:24 UTC 2004

emlyn on nagero wrote:

> A week or so ago I asked some annoying questions about an app I was 
> developing, about preventing virus transmission, etc. Well, I finally 
> finished the program, and I thought I'd post it here so people can see 
> what they contributed to. There are some fun bits to it!
> http://www.tbfdownloads.com/polly.exe
> Give it a look, go on, you know you want to!

Hmmm someone claiming to be Emlyn, but with a new email adresse asks us 
to download and execute an .exe from an anonymous site ....

I don't know what to think here, but I won't take the risk.

regards Max M Rasmussen, Denmark

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