[extropy-chat] DVD recommendations?

Johnius Johnius at Genius.UCSD.edu
Wed Feb 11 01:46:37 UTC 2004

Hi all,

  I just bought my first DVD player (plays all world regions),
and now am building a wishlist of the best DVDs in the world.
I figured you all might have some excellent recommendations :-)

  So ... what are the best ones now available (or available soon)
to put on a dream list?  Or perhaps better yet, what DVDs might
be put on a list recommended for extropian education/entertainment/
edutainment?  For instance, a full-color stereo-3d documentary with
computer-generated molecular nanotech would be a natural...

  A friend suggested the IMAX space and ocean DVDs, but I have no
idea if those play well on standard TVs (e.g., Toshiba 30").

  Another possibly cool idea is a stereo-3d shutter-glasses
system (I just ordered one advertised on http://www.3-d.com/),
but I have no idea how well this is going to work or if better
stereo-3d exists out there.

  Another feature that I'd like to maximize use of is the 
inclusion of all the extras (alternative camera angles, commentaries,
bonus short clips, etc.) ... all the great stuff that make
DVDs more extensive than video tapes.

  Of course, each person's list will reflect their own preferences
in entertainment, education, etc., and my favorite movies / genres
will be favored in my personal list ... but perhaps some DVDS in
existence are just so damn good that almost everyone loves them ...

  Some of the items now on my wishlist are:

* documentaries: The Powers of 10 (great visuals), Cosmos (whole set),
  The Complete Walking with... Collection (dinosaurs, cavemen, etc.),
  IMAX space & ocean docs

* scifi:  Contact, The Matrix series, Jurassic Park Trilogy, 
  2001 set, Minority Report 

* historical interest: Landmarks of Early Film, WWII In Color 
  (interesting color footage ... the earlier full color reality
  footage the better, civilian preferred over war)

* fantasy: Fantasia (old and new), The Lord of the Rings trilogy

* fiction: The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (collection)

Best, Johnius

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