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Mike Lorrey mlorrey at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 11 02:21:24 UTC 2004

I am currently going through the entire Stargate SG-1 canon on DVD
seeing episodes from start to finish, no commercial interruptions, many
episodes I've only partly seen or missed entirely. The DVD also has
added pieces on the making of SG-1l, character backgrounds, etc.

I have finished season 3, and am trying to get season 4 back from my
brother. Season 5 is supposedly out, but is rather pricey. I'm waiting
to pick it up at BJ's at half price.

I'd say for anyone into SF, that this collection is one to definitely
put in the home library and watch over and over again. I have very few
real peeves with this series compared to other television SF shows.

I really like how it essentially deconstructs all human religious
mythology as the result of alien exploitation of primitive humans
(though in deference to the American market, it apparently has not yet
created a character who claims to be Yahweh, though we've seen three
that claimed to be the devil). While not quite as good as simply
bursting the religious bubble entirely, it is a good attempt at weaning
people off the superstition bandwagon.

I also like how it emphasizes the value of science and technology. My
only real problem with it is that you never see any commercial entities
going through the gate to exploit trade with alien societies that are
on our level and willing to trade and don't have Gua'uld problems. I
think it would be interesting to have an StarGATT treaty for
interstellar trade in an episode.

I also have the Matrix DVDs. These are excellent as well and recommend
them highly.

Other movies:
"Confessions of a Dangerous Mind"
"Matchstick Men"
Star Wars 1-6
All the Indiana Jones movies (I highly recommend a good subwoofer on
your system, preferably built into the floor right under your couch)
Stargate (the movie)
The Prisoner (the orwellian british series from the 60's)
Terminator movies
Independence Day
any other Ahnuld movie
X-Files (series and movie)

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