[extropy-chat] Religion: A discussion

Daniel Matthews dan at 3-e.net
Wed Feb 11 23:11:13 UTC 2004

Attempting to force social change through the suppression of old patterns of 
behavior will usually fail. It is better to emphasize and encourage the 
behaviors that are desirable rather than trigger a backlash that is driven by 
any cognitive dissonance that your "revolutionary" approach may induce.

Even the Christian Church/s knows this, that is why so many of it's rituals 
are deliberate overlays on older pagan rituals.

Isn't revolution destructive and entropic, whereas evolution is creative and 

I use the word evolution broadly, even genetic engineering can be seen as 
nature evolving a faster feedback loop (humans smart enough to be 
geneticists) for trying out new gene patterns, to be tested for their 
fitness, in terms of the longevity of their stability over time.

Where are the meme engineers when you need them...
Even a bad human behavior is "fit" if it propagates and is stable, you can't 
just rip it out of society without replacing it with a functionally 
equivalent meme that is more to your philosophical liking.

:o) Dan.
dan at 3-e.net

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