[extropy-chat] Animals

Kevin Freels kevinfreels at hotmail.com
Thu Feb 12 15:32:11 UTC 2004

> Thinking about animals adapting in the wake of humans got me wondering
> about animals in the wake of transhumans.
> As you envision the world of tomorrow -- nanotech, genemod, space-faring,
> uploading, AI/IA -- what do you want or anticipate for animalia?
> Some options:
> (a)  Migrate people and industry off-world, and turn the planet into a
> nature preserve

I don;t think this would ever happen. For a time, the Earth will still be
the prime source of resources. I can only see this happening if we get to a
point where those resources are no longer necessary. There would be no
industry at this point. I think that industry as we think of it, will be
confined to Earth until industry itself is not necessary.

> (b)  Restore recently- or long-extinct species


> (c)  Create new or variant species for art, entertainment, utility

We are already doing this, so I see no reason why it wouldn;t continue

> (d)  Take species with us to space

Certainly. Especially cats since they have their fondness for being upright
all the time....wouldn;t that be fun?

>(e) Modify species to suit non-terrestrial planetary environments

I'm sure we'll do this too.

> (f)  Increase species sentience (a la Clifford Simak or Cordwainer Smith)

Someone out there will try it. After all, species are simply our way of
classifying living things that are very similar. When it comes down to it,
they are matter arranged in a particular way. If we have the ability to
change this, I am sure we will. Some humans may even choose to be dogs with
human minds. Of course, this is post-singularity. Before then, it will
probably take a rogue scientist to do such a thing since the common
concensus is that you would never want to do something so horrible as give
an animal consciousness. (I have no idea why)
> (g) Increase sentience of living animals
Same answer as above

> (h)  Upload, to transhumanely clear the way for disassembling the planet
I doubt animals would be uploaded. I also think that no matter how efficient
it may be, enough people would not want to destroy the womb of humanity or
the life on it. Instead, it would probably be the very last planet to be
consumed. At that point, it may be possible to either relocate ourselves or
the life on the planet. Or we could move the planet itself or bring in raw
materials from nearby solar systems. I am sure there would be many
possibilities. I have seen this mentioned several times on the list, but I
think that when it comes down to it, if we had the ability to disassemble
the planet, we would have the ability to excercise many other options and
would choose one of those. This may be for sentimental purposes, for a place
to "fall back on", for people who refuse to upload "of which there certainly
will be many", or even just to sit back and watch the story of life on
planet Earth continue to unfold.

> (i)  Move to an L-5 style habitat


> (j)  Disassemble the planet without removing or uploading the animals

See above.
> (k)  Leave animalia to their own devices

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