[extropy-chat] Animals

David Lubkin extropy at unreasonable.com
Thu Feb 12 16:43:06 UTC 2004

Kevin Freels wrote:

> > (d)  Take species with us to space
>Certainly. Especially cats since they have their fondness for being upright
>all the time....wouldn;t that be fun?

I recall a suggestion some years ago for power generation through strapping 
buttered bread to a cat's back.

> > (i)  Move to an L-5 style habitat

The rationale for this scenario is that a constructed habitat can provide 
much more living area out of the same quantity of raw material. So if (1) 
we wish to take apart the Earth and (2) consider it unethical to upload 
beings without their informed consent, relocating them to a more efficient 
home may be the best solution. (I'm not arguing either premise, but others 
in this thread have.)

-- David Lubkin.

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