[extropy-chat] gay marriage

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But again, what does this have to do with Muslims? Right wing Christian
fundamentalists say the same things and worse. They also act instead than
only talking, for example by beating gay couples and burning their houses.
As Our Lord Jesus Christ said, "don't look at the straw in your brother's

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> > As a side note, several of the Muslim protesters
> > carried signs reading "Even the animals do not
> > have same-sex relations."  Anyone who has been
> > around animals enough knows that this is not true.
> > I don't know why that particular meme would find
> > resonance with that set.

Its a double edged meme. If you protest that animals do in fact have
same sex relations, then they say the purpose of man is to rise above
his animal instincts, or they attack you personally and ask how much
time you spend watching animal sex tapes.
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