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> > > > As a side note, several of the Muslim protesters
> > > > carried signs reading "Even the animals do not
> > > > have same-sex relations."  Anyone who has been
> > > > around animals enough knows that this is not true.
> > 
> > Its a double edged meme. If you protest that animals do in fact
> have
> > same sex relations, then they say the purpose of man is to rise
> above
> > his animal instincts, or they attack you personally and ask how
> much
> > time you spend watching animal sex tapes.  Mike Lorrey
> Ja, well Im ok with that.  As it turns out, my observation
> was not from a videotape but rather from two different
> housepets, a dog and a cat, both female, that would mount 
> other females in an apparent attempt to mate.  I have heard
> that bonobo females are well known to do each other, early
> and often.  One of my college professors did a thesis on
> gay seagulls, again promenent among females.

What is unique about humans, allegedly, is that observations of animal
same sex mounting is identified by animal behaviorists as a means of
asserting dominance in the pecking order, i.e. exerting force, i.e.
rape, or simulated rape.

This could lead one to conclude that human homosexual sex is not about
love at all, but violence or simulated violence for asserting
dominance, i.e. outside the protections of a loving and equal marriage relationship.

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