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The bonobos having sex out of estrus, masturbating, and fondling each other
were examples I had used in that list. I had used ants for wars and for
agriculture (there is a type of ant that actually grows and harvests a
 I couldn't find it by googling, but maybe I can recreate it with the proper
brainstorming. Many are starting to come back to me as we carry on this
conversation. I never knew that about dolphins though. As a matter of fact,
I probably didn;t give enough attention to sea life at all. I found the
examples I was looking for on land and didn;t even need to venture so far!
Oh, another was the "building" of a home in contrast to diggin a hole or
other such thing. Nests are one example, but I had found some that were far
Others were the use of weapons to fight, cannibalism, food sharing, taking
care of the sick, taking care of other species, and and and....gee, I'm
stuck again. I'll keep working on it.

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> Kevin Freels wrote:
> >   I have heard
> >
> >>that bonobo females are well known to do each other, early
> >>and often.
> >
> >
> > Yes. The males also practice masturbation and will also fondle each
> I was boating in the Santa Barbara channel last weekend and we came
> across two pods of literally hundreds of playful dolphins.  They raced
> toward the boat as we approached and then swam alongside, clearly for
> the enjoyment of it. My understanding is that dolphins copulate even
> when the female is not in estrus, "for the social bonding benefits", and
> sometimes up to seven times in a day.
> - Jef
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