[extropy-chat] Attention Alcor Members of Arizona, help us stop the Stump Bill

Natasha Vita-More natasha at natasha.cc
Sun Feb 22 04:35:30 UTC 2004

At 03:03 PM 2/21/04 -0800, Gina Miller wrote:
>This is a very, very important issue. If this bill is passed it will mean 
>that the powers that be, will have the authrority to regulate and refuse 
>the renewal of license(s) to continue services. The same requirements that 
>apply to a funeral establishment will also be required of Cryonic 
>suspension facilities. As you know, the discrepencies in processes are 
>substatially different between the two, thus it is easy to foresee that 
>the understanding of terms will generate a divide in the future and with 
>this bill standing, there will be no way for us to defend against any 
>actions that may be taken in response to these variables. This legislation 
>could threaten our rights to be suspended and the rights of those that 
>already are in suspension. Since the hearing will be held on the 26th we 
>need to act now.

I just received an email from Greg Fahy about it.  It time permits, I will 
forward it to the list.

Please go to http://www.alcor.org/legislativealert.html


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