[extropy-chat] AGING: How bioinformatics can help reverse engineer human aging

Joao Magalhaes jpnitya at sapo.pt
Sun Feb 22 22:36:30 UTC 2004

Dear friends,

I hope you will excuse me for another self-promoting post, but I've just 
published a paper on computer-based applications in aging research which 
may interest some of you. It is entitled "How bioinformatics can help 
reverse engineer human aging". In brief, I place modern computational 
approaches in the perspective of studying aging and how to apply these 
technologies in aging research. You may access the paper online at:


You will need a subscription to access the paper, though if you e-mail me 
privatly I'll send you a reprint.

Comments are always welcomed.

All the best,


Joao Magalhaes (joao.magalhaes at fundp.ac.be)

Website on Aging: http://www.senescence.info
Reason's Triumph: http://www.jpreason.com  

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