[extropy-chat] Re: Alcor problems

randy cryofan at mylinuxisp.com
Sun Feb 22 22:34:58 UTC 2004

>--- "Stephen J. Van Sickle" <sjvans at ameritech.net> wrote:
>> On Sun, 2004-02-22 at 10:50, Mike Lorrey wrote:

>>Possibly, but there are important logistical considerations.  A major
>>airport rarely shutdown for weather essential.  In addition, most of our
>>members are on the west coast.

>>Conceivably, some of this could be handle by separating storage from
>>operations, but then you would have two (three if the patient is remote)
>>states to deal with, and the overhead would kill us until we were much

No getting around the fact that moving the patient temporarily to a
cryopreservation-only location, then moving the fact to a second,
storage only location is an added cost. However, I wonder if the cost
differential might be mitigated by selling the Scottsdale location and
using two cheaper locations.

>Manchester Airport is a major regional airport. It has many flights
>each day with both Southwest and United, as well as several other
>airlines, with everything short of 747 jumbojets. DHL also has its
>regional hub here, and it is the new HQ of the Free State Project,
>which will be subletting office space this month from
>1-800-Serve-em.com at the old terminal building.
>As Manchester Airport was once a military base, there may be some
>military bunker-type facilities here that would work for Alcor. LPNH
>member and US Senate Candidate Ken Blevins is a local real estate
>agency owner and can provide help with locating appropriate facilities
>convenient to the airport.
>I also have contacts in the funerary industry here, and can explore
>trying to get their support here, if you folks want to. If we put a
>bill forward, it would probably help if we can get their support before
>hand, building a positive relationship from the start, and avoiding the
>whole type of mess you are seeing in Arizona now.

Better maybe to go to an even smaller population state (such as
Wyoming (only about 400K people live there)) and "getting into" the
ostensibly much smaller funeral industry there, where it would be much
easier to influence.  

Wyoming is also much cheaper than NH and Phoenix. A Wyoming location
could be used then as a storage-only location working within the
funeral industry.

The cryopreservation location would optimally be in a warm weather
location, but one that is cheap. El Paso, Texas comes to mind. Little
chance of a weather disaster there (it is somewhat like Phoenix).  And
Texas is a state well know for letting business have its way. And when
it comes to real estate, El Paso is much cheaper than Phoenix.


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