[extropy-chat] The problems with Alcor and the new proposedArizona law

Harvey Newstrom mail at HarveyNewstrom.com
Sun Feb 22 18:27:05 UTC 2004

Robert J. Bradbury wrote,
> I was in the running for the President's job at Alcor last November

You were?  Wow.  I know a *lot* of people who were almost president of
Alcor.  They must have looked at a lot of candidates.

> a backup plan for 
> working with other cryonics organizations (to provide safe 
> holding for suspendees), dealing with natural disaster and 
> transport issues, etc.  I would now add legal 
> restraints/constraints to that list.

When I do security reviews, including disaster recovery and business
continuity plans, I always include legal considerations into the mix.  A
sudden change in politics, such as is occurring now, can completely wipe out
a business for no good reason.

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