[extropy-chat] The problems with Alcor and the new proposedArizona law

Harvey Newstrom mail at HarveyNewstrom.com
Sun Feb 22 18:49:05 UTC 2004

Mike Lorrey wrote,
> I would suggest that you folks should consider an exit 
> strategy as an "if" alternative. For example, I invite you to 
> move to New Hampshire, the Free State. I can pretty much 
> guarantee you that you won't face such regulatory hurdles 
> here. As part of the Free State Projects, migration, I can 
> put you in touch with a number of real estate people, can 
> provide you with information about any number of towns in NH, 
> and, if needed, you can discuss developing your own 
> facilities with the Free Town Land Development Group, which I 
> am currently interim chairman of the board of.

Excellent work, Mike.  The only thing holding me back is my career.  My best
career options are taking me other places, unfortunately.

> If we could get a bill passed that gave legal protection to 
> people freely choosing cryonics as a viable alternative to 
> conventional funerary options, would Alcor move here if 
> Arizona became no longer feasible? If so, what measures would 
> Alcor want to see in the bill?

This needs to be directed to Alcor.  However, if it does look like a long
legal battle is approaching, I would suggest comparing the costs of fighting
that battle with the cost of moving to a legally safer location.  Maybe you
can work with Alcor directly on this?  I am sure that they don't want to
move and will do everything in their power to fight and stay.  But as a
backup plan, they may want to work with you on making NH safe for cryonics.

Even if they aren't interested in NH, you might want their advice on
cryonics-friendly legislation, and might want to work to make NH
cryonics-friendly anyway.  Another cryonics organization might move there.
Just the legislation in one state could help convince legislatures in
another state.  This might be a strategy for NH laws to help support freedom
in other states.

> One of these has already passed the House and Senate, in two 
> different forms, is currently undergoing revision in the 
> House to conform to the Senate version, and will then go to 
> the Governor. This is a bill to eliminate the need for 
> concealed weapons permits in the state, and to issue permits 
> to people who wanted them, for reciprocal carry out of state. 
> This is our success. We have more bills in the pipeline.

I am not interested in carrying a gun, so these rights are only of
theoretical interest to me.  (Sorry!)  Are there plans to address equal
rights for gays, stem cell research, cloning, body modification, and of
course, cryonics?  These might be more attractive to transhumanists and
could also be a source of support for the FSP by attracting new sources of
membership.  You might be interested in working with Extropy Institute or
the World Transhumanist Association to see what specific legislation they
might be interested in.  Both of them are focusing on defending scientific
and transhumanist rights.  

You seem to be a de facto liaison between FSP and futurist groups.  Maybe
you can meet with various future-tech groups for legislation ideas, or
better yet, with specific future-tech companies to see if you can attract
them to your area with friendly laws.  Delaware is the corporation capital
of the U.S. because of its corporate law.  Maybe the FSP could make NH the
science research capital of the U.S.  You might even consider working with
the ACLU.  Although they don't seem to be as interested in gun rights, they
might be interested in gay rights or research rights, or freedom to publish
findings rights, etc.  You might also become the capital of lobbyist or
political rights organizations.  They could use your state to test and
develop new legislation before moving on to other states.  They might lend
resources and help develop legally supportable legislation.  The FSP could
be an umbrella groups and legal laboratory for a lot of other political
action committees for all sorts of purposes.  It might be a source of free
support and expertise.

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