[extropy-chat] Alleged Climate Collapse

Max M maxm at mail.tele.dk
Mon Feb 23 08:57:42 UTC 2004

Spike wrote:

>>Olga Bourlin

>>I know there are contrarians on this list regarding this topic.  If you
>>have thoughts from "counterpoint" side, please post...Olga
> Olga, I read over these predictions and considered them
> too silly to respond.  The weather on this big old planet
> simply does not change quickly, nothing does.  I find the
> evidence lacking.

Then you have not studied the evidence closely enough Spike.

Drillings in the arctic ice in Greenland has shown quite certainly that 
there has been very aprubt climate changes. Corresponding with ice ages.

This is not new data, but something I have been aware of for at least 10 

A quick web search turned up these results:

See: 12,000 BP (before present) - Rapid Climate Change

The Greenland icecap as a climate archive

The North Greenland Ice Core Project or North GRIP has reached the end 
of the line at last.

One of the reasons that I find the global warming scare a bit silly, is 
exactly this evidence.

Why worry about minor man made temperature changes, when nature has done 
it much more rapidly in the past, and we know almost with certainty that 
it will happen again.

Better focus on finding some way of terraforming an ice planet.

regards Max M Rasmussen, Denmark

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