[extropy-chat] european imports

Spike spike66 at comcast.net
Tue Feb 24 07:11:36 UTC 2004

I know a lot of Europeans hang out on extropians.
Do offer me advice on this, offlist is fine, altho
many here might be interested in your answer.  

I am looking at a new car and I like the BMWs and
Volvos, but they cost about half again as much
as a comparable 'murican car.  Question: in Germany,
does a beemer cost half again what an American
car costs, or are they about the same?  In Sweden,
how do American car costs compare with Volvos?  Im
trying to figure out how much of the cost differential
is due to import costs and how much due to, I assume,
higher quality parts and accessories?  Or what?  Im
a motorcycle guy, don't know from cars.  In motorcycles,
BMWs are good, but maybe not as much better as the
cost differential would suggest.  Naddy, do you know
from cars?  Anders?


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