[extropy-chat] Angel Snot was Near Death Experiences: a scientific approach

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Tue Feb 24 09:24:24 UTC 2004

The Avantguardian <mailto:avantguardian2020 at yahoo.com> wrote:
"Now I am not certain that this MacDougal's results are accurate but I do 
suggest that people on this list do not completely dismiss the empirical 
pursuit of the soul as it were as a complete joke. I for one would like to 
see some modern experiments along those lines with a larger sample size."

I agree, no theory should be discarded simply because it deals with 
nonscientific topics. However, no theory should be seriously considered (or 
experimented on) if it cannot pass a simple logic test:

According to this hypothesis of soul weight, the soul leaves the body when 
the person dies. So when does the person die? This may seem like a stupid 
question, but while the line between consciousness and unconsciousness is 
clear, the line between life and death is hazy, although still undoubtedly 

There is not specific time or point of death. Death is more a transition, a 
gradient gray area. As a person dies, his brain cells starve for oxygen and 
die off one by one; they do not die in one orchestrated, Hollywood-friendly 

Since there is not a specific point death occurs, there cannot be a specific 
point at which the soul escapes.

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