[extropy-chat] Re: White House To Seek Ban On Gay Sex On The Moon

Adrian Tymes wingcat at pacbell.net
Fri Feb 27 23:21:58 UTC 2004

--- The Avantguardian <avantguardian2020 at yahoo.com>
> Adrian Tymes <wingcat at pacbell.net> wrote:
> --- The Avantguardian 
> wrote:
> > *It's an evil plan by the Republicans led by the
> > NeoCon fascists to distract the American public
> from
> > those issues that ARE important like the economy,
> > foreign policy, etc. It's no accident that they
> > timed this so close to the presidential election.
>  Sorry, but the facts show they didn't time this.
> This is a reaction to something that was done
> without
> their prior knowledge.
> * I didn't mean that they timed it in the sense that
> it was premeditated,

You said, "It's no accident that they timed this so
close to the presidential election."  The only logical
reading of that is that you meant premeditated - that
they could control when it would happen.

If you meant something else, I would advise you to be
more careful with your words in the future, for if
this is the case, then you did not say what you meant.

> I mean they timed it in the
> sense that the Democrats had slipped up and they
> were exploiting it.

It ain't the Democratic Party that is primarily
fighting this.  It's San Francisco, the city
(specifically, its government).  Certain Democrats may
cheerlead or even oppose, but the party as a whole
need not spend major resources on this - resources
which can be saved for the Presidental campaign.

> The way a boxer would wait for
> his opponent to let his guard drop in order to punch
> him.

Flawed analogy.  They can "time" their own reaction in
this sense, but not the original event.  By analogy,
the boxer would have timed his punch to happen just
before the bell to draw out the crowd's
excitement...but that assumes the boxer can somehow
make his opponent drop his guard at the corresponding
time.  Otherwise, it's just a reaction to the event,
not control over the original event.

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