[extropy-chat] Brain-Implanted Chips Allow Control of Technology

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Fri Apr 1 06:29:23 UTC 2005

The Guardian has an article about implanting electrodes in the
allowing paralyzed people to control various software-integrated devices, 
such as the cursor on a computer and the channel and volume of his 
television. From the article: 'The experiment took place a few months ago as 
part of a broader trial into what are known in the business as 
brain-computer interfaces. Although it is early days, aficionados of the 
technology see a world where brain implants return ability to those with 
disability, allowing them to control all manner of devices by thought 
alone.'" The BBC has coverage of
this<http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/health/4396387.stm>as well, and we've
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