[extropy-chat] il papa

Hubert Mania humania at t-online.de
Sun Apr 3 15:39:29 UTC 2005

scerir at libero.it schrieb:
>>Come on, all you transhuman cardinals  . . .
> When a Pope dies, also cardimals are off. Spoil system.
>>Hubert Cardinal Mania, 
> improbable.

Since we belong to the *first* transhuman generation, we are all 
cardinals, no?
With the power of my self-appointed secular nopeship (nope = non pope)
I hereby appoint you as Scerir Transhuman Cardinal of all Italian Lemon 
if you promise to watch out that no territorial pissings take place 
there anymore
(building fences, chasing people away), since I regard territorial
claims as one of the major sources for the incompetence of humans
to transcend their animal heritage.

As long as we are not able to leave the annoying habit of using guns
to enforce territorial pissings, behind us, we still are a long way from
the capacities of true human behaviour, let alone transhuman behaviour.

Humania, Transhuman Cardinal and Archbishop of
Non-Territorial Open-Source-Potato-Fields

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