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Adrian Tymes wingcat at pacbell.net
Thu Apr 7 17:26:26 UTC 2005

--- The Avantguardian <avantguardian2020 at yahoo.com> wrote:
> While as Adrian Tymes pointed out this is
> natural in that in most lists the old-timers are given
> more leeway than newbies,

Sorry, not me.  David Lubkin.  I was deliberately staying clear of that
topic. ;)

>      Take advantage of the existing architecture,
> wherein each subscriber can choose either to recieve
> their emails separately or in a digest. One then
> assigns one of the list moderators to act as an editor
> for the digest. Thus either a single assigned list
> moderator or a rotating roster of moderators can act
> as that day's editor. 
>      Then right-brainers like Eugen could subscribe to
> the digest and get their information-dense data fix
> that has been scoured clean of any unextropic
> sentiments or ideas. Conversely the left-brainers
> (like myself and others... you know who you are) could
> subscribe to the regular list and get what we desire,
> which is more of a salon style social forum, where we
> can write serious posts about extropic topics, wax
> philosophical, post haikus about the Pope, make our
> silly puns or obscure references to literature, and
> trade light banter without arousing the ire of the
> oh-so-serious left-brainers.
> So what y'all think?     

I think that's basically two different lists, and might as well be
formally made that way.

One possibility: an "announcements" and a "discussion" list.  Only
truly new content can be posted to the (moderated) announcements list;
follow-ups are sent to the discussion list.  Problem: where do people
go to discuss the announcements, other than the (in their eyes)
spam-flooded discussion list?

Another possibility: "extropy-salon", for the salon-style discussions
of whatever you want to talk about; extropy-chat would be for chat
about truly extropian matters.  (Granted, extropy-chat would probably
have far less posts.  But that's not necessarily a bad thing: signal to

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