[extropy-chat] RFID smartcard passports and driver's licenses

spike spike66 at comcast.net
Fri Apr 8 02:42:53 UTC 2005

> Mike Lorrey
> ... Joe Blow, SSN XXX-XX-XXXX is making a cash purchase. 

Seems like a hell of a tool for busting identity thieves.  If
you are making a cash purchase at the same time you are across 
town using a credit card, they know something is bogus.

> ...They log when Joe Blow entered and exited
> the store through the anti-shoplifting gates. You will see these gates
> in more and more places where it is essentially impossible for you to
> shoplift anything...

Those places would have better prices than their
competitors because of lower shoplifting costs.  
We save money.  

> ... But that tie you got from
> your mistress that you told your wife one of your employees gave you is
> an automatic flag for a cavity inspection.

I don't follow you here.  How would RFID tags know 
(or care) what you told your wife regarding the 
origin of your tie?


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