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Hubert Mania humania at t-online.de
Sun Apr 10 09:54:37 UTC 2005

Amara wrote:

> Here you'll find an interview
> with Guy Consolmagno, a Jesuit priest and very good
> astronomer who is trying to give the context (and
> background) of the times for Galileo's arrest and (much
> later) pardon by the Church. Oh yes, Galileo at one point
> was in danger for his life, and at the end was placed
> under house arrest, but it helps to see the whole
> picture.

A Jesuit priest. Of all commentators. Amara, you happen to live in the heart
of Roman Catholicism and you can meet very smart and - sometimes - charming
executors of this doctrine at every second street corner. They have done
nothing in their life but studying the art of twisting facts for their
ridiculous redemption filosofi, nobody wants to listen to anymore. By the
way, Immanuel Kant's writings were still on the Vatican index in the 1960's.

The pope rehabilitating Galilei, Darwin and seeking reconciliation with the
Jews: Wow, big deal! This all comes way too late to be gratefully accepted.
Pope Pius XII never raised his voice when Hitler began his crusade against
the Jews. But of course JP2 has turned these announcement into shining
media events. He let off pathetic tiny farts and sold them to the world as
incense and peppermint.

Most of the impressions and thoughts of the "Times" reporter in your other
posting prove the disgusting technicolorful pope drunkenness of these days.
I can imagine that it's hard to keep a critical distance once you stick in
the middle of thrilling interpersonal encounters, wrapped in this atmosphere
of a peaceful mass hystery and a sick personality cult. The reporter says:

"He was, in short, a giant and there he was in a box on a
rug. It is hard to imagine what we have done to deserve
such a death."

A giant of a reactionary, that's for sure. It's hard to imagine what the
readers of the "Times" have done to deserve such a brainless reflection.
Amara, please don't get lost under the wheels of this anachronistic road

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