[extropy-chat] Gmail doubles in size

Emlyn emlynoregan at gmail.com
Mon Apr 11 02:48:15 UTC 2005

Gmail (google email) has just doubled it's mailbox size to 2gb, yay!
I've been betting from the start that google's plan is to increase
mailbox sizes more quickly than people can fill them up. So far so
good for me, given that after maybe 9 months using gmail I'd only
gotten up to 280mb.

It's also recently added POP support, cool stuff for those clinging
desperately to client-based email. They also say they support lots of
browsers now, for the non-ie people out there. Haven't tried it

I pretty much only use gmail now, via the web client (the only other
email I use is corporate email from my workplace via outlook, and only
because I am forced to). It is quick, the interface is clean, the
searching is excellent, and obviously it holds a sh*tload of email.
Availability of the servers was touch-and-go early on, but it's now
rock solid.

If you looked at it early and discarded it, now's the time to have
another look. I've got zillions of invites if anyone wants one.

btw, I'm not being paid by google :-) This is quite a sycophantic post
though, isn't it? Hopeless.


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