[extropy-chat] Gmail doubles in size

Extropian Agroforestry Ventures Inc. megao at sasktel.net
Mon Apr 11 02:32:27 UTC 2005

I'm at 30% of my personal  2.072G but the only thing I don't like is 
that you can't just scroll through your
entire email cache and can't file away emails into a dozen or 2 sub files.

Grew up on netscape and usually let mail build up to 15-20,000 before 
doing a full house cleaning and
resorting into numerous archived folders.

I really love the way I can cache large files and resend fast remotely 
from gmail.
I am on a rural dialup where 24.4 is more than the usual throughput no 
matter how you try.

I , for example did  up a disk today  with close to 1000  key data files 
- 800 megs and sending it to a friend
on a high speed connection for him to upload the whole thing to a single 
dedicated gmail filebox.

I will be doing that several times and have most of my office mobile.

Emlyn wrote:

>Gmail (google email) has just doubled it's mailbox size to 2gb, yay!
>I've been betting from the start that google's plan is to increase
>mailbox sizes more quickly than people can fill them up. So far so
>good for me, given that after maybe 9 months using gmail I'd only
>gotten up to 280mb.
>It's also recently added POP support, cool stuff for those clinging
>desperately to client-based email. They also say they support lots of
>browsers now, for the non-ie people out there. Haven't tried it
>I pretty much only use gmail now, via the web client (the only other
>email I use is corporate email from my workplace via outlook, and only
>because I am forced to). It is quick, the interface is clean, the
>searching is excellent, and obviously it holds a sh*tload of email.
>Availability of the servers was touch-and-go early on, but it's now
>rock solid.
>If you looked at it early and discarded it, now's the time to have
>another look. I've got zillions of invites if anyone wants one.
>btw, I'm not being paid by google :-) This is quite a sycophantic post
>though, isn't it? Hopeless.

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