[extropy-chat] Exoskeletons about to hit market

Adrian Tymes wingcat at pacbell.net
Wed Apr 13 02:17:25 UTC 2005

--- Joseph Bloch <jbloch at humanenhancement.com> wrote:
> I know Tesla had claimed to have gotten some sort of broadcast power 
> system working, and gotten a few patents on the subject. Anyone know
> if 
> such a thing really is workable? Even at short ranges, I could see a
> use 
> for it in powering a couple high-powered servo-suits (amongst a few 
> thousand other things).

It works, but it's impractical for any non-extremely-contrived use.
You have to ground everything remotely conductive in range - including
and especially belt buckles and other metallic clothing items.  It
definitely wouldn't work for exoskeletons, given as the control
circuitry, motors, and possibly the structure itself would all be

The closest thing we currently have to a practical version of a
broadcast powered device is a RFID tag, and that's both short-range and

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