[extropy-chat] Exoskeletons about to hit market

Joseph Bloch jbloch at humanenhancement.com
Wed Apr 13 01:34:04 UTC 2005

I completely agree that it's asinine to restrict sales specifically to 
that purpose. You could as easily use such a servo-suit to move crates 
in a warehouse or boxes off a UPS truck, and be plugged into a power 
source in the building. One wonders that freight companies haven't 
expressed more interest (or, if they have, that it hasn't popped above 
the radar before now).

I know Tesla had claimed to have gotten some sort of broadcast power 
system working, and gotten a few patents on the subject. Anyone know if 
such a thing really is workable? Even at short ranges, I could see a use 
for it in powering a couple high-powered servo-suits (amongst a few 
thousand other things).


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Adrian Tymes wrote:

>--- Joseph Bloch <jbloch at humanenhancement.com> wrote:
>>Absolutely fascinating stuff.
>>If it becomes feasible (and doubtless in a few years it can be) to 
>>super-power the motors, I can definitely see uses for being able to
>>at 45 mph and being able to lift a ton.
>Note for those who haven't been tracking it: the one problem most of
>these run into - which is the main reason they haven't been hitting the
>market until now - is power.  Most versions have tried to use battery
>power, with an eye towards being able to be used indoors; if you think
>electric cars have a problem with mileage, exoskeletons have them beat
>hands-down.  One could, in theory, solve this with a gasoline or other
>conventional motor...if you could find many customers willing to have a
>running gasoline motor strapped to their back.  It's the exhaust more
>than the potential for explosion, so fuel cells may be a solution here.
>I've seen one maker solve this problem by having their exoskeletons
>plug in to building power or an external mobile generator;
>unfortunately, their sales department is a bit touched in the head and
>they're restricting sales to hospitals only.  (Specifically, for
>lifting of heavy patients - a niche market within a niche market.)
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