[extropy-chat] Help send a laptop to Kenya

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There has to be a better way to do this. You would think that an arrangement
could be made with a shipper who could ship say 1000 laptops for free and
use the event as a promotion.

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> The Kenyan Transhumanist Association is about to open up a "Knowledge
> House", and they have put out a call for laptops to be donated to the
> cause. The Knowledge House will help spread science education and
> Transhumanist memes in Kenya.
> I have a laptop I'm willing to send over to benefit the cause, but
> unfortunately the shipping costs are simply beyond my means right now.
> It takes a minimum of $148 to ship it there.
> That's where you come in.
> I am selling my copy of Carl Sagan's excellent television series
> "Cosmos" on eBay right now. It's a VHS copy of the entire series, in a
> nice box set. There's a little wear on two of the box's corners, but
> other than that the tapes are in great shape.
> I'm selling it with the hope that I can offset the cost of shipping the
> laptop to the KTA. I've listed a "buy it now" price that will exactly
> cover the price of shipping, but if the bidding gets higher (and I hope
> it does, for their sake), I'll just send any excess along as a gift.
> Yes, you can definitely buy Cosmos for less money. This is entirely a
> gimmick to raise funds to send a badly-needed laptop computer to some
> fellow Transhumanists in a place where both the technology and
> Transhumanist ideas are badly needed. Your money will be directly
> helping them.
> If you're interested in helping, please check out:
> Thanks, all.
> Joseph
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