[extropy-chat] re: embedded in open hearts (Meta/EP)

kevinfreels.com kevin at kevinfreels.com
Fri Apr 15 04:04:01 UTC 2005

" sex with
> relatives produces interbred and very unfit children. "

Not true at all. This can cause hidden genetic defects to surface more often
because some children are more likelly to be born with two defective copies
of the same bad gene. If sex with relatives created unfit children, we would
very likely not be here. There are many examples of small isolated
populatoins that make it just fine while reproducing with relatives. There's
a very good example of such a group of people in the Middle East in the book
"Mapping Human Histpry" by Steve Olson. I wish I could remember the group,
but right now I have too many other things going on to look it up. As it is,
most Americans can trace just about anyone they know back to about 8th
cousins twice removed.

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