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Jeremy Webb jedwebb at hotmail.com
Sat Apr 16 10:20:22 UTC 2005

A very interesting post Keith! At a human level, I know that I'm more 
attracted towards non-related women and that's across all representational 
systems. Most of the women friends that I know tell me that they are not 
attracted to people who posses interbreeding, or who are related to them via 
their smell.

This is not very scientific, but I wonder if there is a mechanism in nature 
that damages people's Psychosexual response, either via genetic mechanisms 
such as interbreeding or by external conditioning factors, producing less 
fit interbred kids?

Food for thought...

Best Wishes and thanks for the response,



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>>I find this very interesting:
>>>We are social primates.  Our genes were selected by millions of years in 
>>>hunter gatherer tribes where the people around us usually carried more 
>>>copies of our genes than we did.  Thus (by Hamilton's inclusive fitness 
>>>criteria) evolution can be expected to have selected genes that give us 
>>>psychological traits to take horrible risks and face death to protect 
>>>those close to us.
>>>(Close companions were almost always relatives in tribal days.   Since 
>>>our ancestors didn't have DNA testing, they had to make do with treating 
>>>those they grew up with or were friends or bonded with as relatives.)
>>I think it's highly likely that we would have developed a genetic trait to 
>>keep non related companions nearby for reproductive puposes as sex with 
>>relatives produces interbred and very unfit children.
>That's not the way it works.  Brothers and sisters raised apart are often 
>sexually attracted to each other if they meet.
>• Shepher (1971) studied young adults who
>had been raised on Israeli “kibbutzes”(on
>kibbutzes, several unrelated kids are raised
>together in small group).
>• Found that, out of over 2700 marriages,
>none of the couples were raised together
>within the same small group...
>Sexual attraction is blocked by early exposure.  There are several lines of 
>study that support this.
>>We can all sense when someone's suitable for reproduction these days (for 
>>example) with our sense of smell - I think this would have been the DNA 
>>testing organ used in those days.
>It seems that female mice can detect different Major Histocompatibility 
>Complex (MHC) genes through smell.  They tend to mate (if they have a 
>choice) with mice different from them.  It is possible human females have a 
>similar ability, but if so, it changes when they are pregnant to preferring 
>ones with less difference.  I have not looked for follow ups to the "t 
>shirt" experiments done some years ago, so there might be more recent data.
>Because tribes exchanged women over extended times, even the swapped in 
>women in the tribes tended to be related to the rest of the tribe.
>And the men that were either attacking for the tribe or defending tended to 
>be brothers, half sibs, first or second cousins.
>Which means that selection applied to tribal groups was really genetic 
>Keith Henson
>>A fascinating thought!
>>Jeremy Webb
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