[extropy-chat] C-R-Newsletter #29

MIKE TREDER iph1954 at msn.com
Fri Apr 15 10:36:22 UTC 2005

The latest edition of the C-R-Newsletter has been posted on our website.


- New Research on DNA
- Molecular Manufacturing, Step by Step
- Nanotech High Beams
- Information Week does CRN
- Chris Phoenix Interviewed
- Military Uses of Nanotechnology
- CRN goes to San Diego
- CRN goes to Minneapolis
- Feature Essay: Protein Springs and Tattoo Needles
- CRN Needs Your Help!

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See you in the future!

Mike Treder
Executive Director, Center for Responsible Nanotechnology - 
Research Fellow, Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies - 
Advisory Board, Global Risks Council - http://riskgroupllc.com/
Editorial Advisory Board, Nanotech Briefs - http://nanotechbriefs.com/
Consultant, AC/UNU Millennium Project - http://www.acunu.org/
Consultant, Future Technologies Advisory Group - http://futuretag.com/
Director, World Transhumanist Association - http://transhumanism.org/
Founder, Incipient Posthuman Website - http://incipientposthuman.com/
Executive Advisory Team, Extropy Institute - http://extropy.org/

"The bird that would soar above the level plain of tradition and prejudice 
must have strong wings." - Kate Chopin

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