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Dear Colleagues,
I am fowarding an annoncement for open positions in the area of
Robotics/Neuroscience/Nanotechnologies (Humanoid Technologies) at the newly
established "Italian Institute of Technology" (IIT). The headquarters of the
Institute will be in Genova.  The annoucement has been published is a few
journals (among which Nature and Science) and it is of particular interest
to the Neuro-It community because IIT will address, in an integrated way,
issues related to robotics and neuroscience as well as advanced materials. 

As stated in the general scientific program of IIT, the <merging the
neuroscience, nanobiotechnologies and robotics enables a multidisciplinary
approach to robotics, in which intelligence and cognition, in combination
with state-of-the-art material and nanofabrication technologies should lead
to the accomplishment of a humanoid robot in the long term. The distinctive
mission of IIT in its start-up phase is thus to create the forum where
neuroscientists, engineers, material scientists can work together to realize
the intelligent robots of the future>. Expanding from this statement, the
goal is to realize robots that will be able to perform complex tasks, to
learn from examples and experience, to remember and to recall from
analogies, to associate past and present situations, to detect and recognize
individual events and generalize from individual experiences, to predict the
outcome of actions and act consequently, to communicate in meaningful and
"natural" ways, to express emotions and act socially.

IIT does not exists, so applying is a risky choice, but it is also a unique
opportunity to contribute to the start up of what could be one of the few
places in Europe where scientists work together under the same roof to study
human intelligence from a multidisciplinary perspective. IIT will attempt to
demonstrate that truly NEW technologies may come out from studies addressing
such basic aspects of scientific knowledge. If these objective resonate with
one of your dreams I think you should apply.

Apologizes if you receive more than one copy of this announcement....

My best regards,

Giulio Sandini

For further information on IIT, please see IIT website (www.iit.it). 
The referring documentation is the scientific plan
(www.iit.it/extra/contents/pdf/pianosceintifco.pdf), and the background
material www.iit.it/extra/contents/pdf/background_material.pdf.


                      *Directors of Research*

The Italian Institute of Technology ("IIT"; www.iit.it) is a Foundation
created to promote scientific research and technological innovation at the
highest levels in Italy. Established by the Ministry of Economy and Finance
and the Ministry of Education, University and Research with a consistent
funding, IIT aims at becoming an international centre of excellence for
scientific research and training in high technology, with active
participation of private organizations. 

During its start-up phase IIT intends to set up state-of-the-art research
programs in nano-biotechnologies, Neuroscience and Robotics. The IIT
scientific plan and the background material, approved by the Steering and
Regulatory Committee, provide more detailed information and is available for
download on IIT website.

In order to start scientific research activity, IIT invites applications for
the following positions:
            Directors of Research in Nano-biotechnologies
                Directors of Research in Neuroscience
                   Directors of Research in Robotics

Successful candidates will start IIT research activities in the respective
fields, developing a detailed research program, organizing and leading a
research team and building laboratories in IIT definitive site in Genoa (I).
Adequate laboratory space, start-up budget and equipment will be provided.
Directors of Research will also develop close collaboration with industry
and other research institutions.
Applicants should have an established record of significant scientific
accomplishments, as well as scientific leadership and administrative skills.
To ensure full consideration, candidates will have to submit applications
(in english; electronic format preferred), with detailed cv, by the end of
May to 

Simone Collobiano
applications at iit.it
Fondazione IIT
Via Sicilia, 194
00187 - Rome, Italy
ph: +39 06 4201 0848

Short-listed candidates will be invited for a talk, which will take place in
Genoa (I) during the first 2 weeks of July. On this occasion candidates will
have the opportunity to present their current research activities and
scientific goals.

Italian Institute of Technology is an Equal Opportunity Employer

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General at neuro-it.net

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