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The Canadian political magazine This Magazine
<http://www.thismagazine.ca/>has an
article on transhumanism<http://www.thismagazine.ca/issues/2005/01/greatbytehope.php>.
George Dvorsky and Betterhumans are frequently quoted. The article tries to 
be objective, is not a hate piece.
Excerpts: Transhumanists envision a radical future in which man and machine 
are one and death is a relic of the past. Should we prepare to enter the 
post-human state, transcending the limits of our natural bodies, or should 
we let evolution run its own course?
While the number of people who identify themselves as transhumanists is 
relatively few, their significance should not be underestimated. An erudite 
and prolific bunch, they produce reams of literature; the internet has been 
an invaluable aid in disseminating their ideas. The fact that they've been 
able to infuriate esteemed thinkers like Fukuyama and Kass is a considerable 
achievement.That said, the demographics of the movement suggest it may be a 
while before it reaches mainstream acceptance. Ninety percent of 
transhumanists are highly educated white men under 45 from Western 
democracies, mainly the US.
Transhumanists, like any social movement, would love to be proven right. 
Whether or not that happens, at this point in time, they'd simply like to 
engage their critics in debate. They are for the most part empathetic people 
who are as opposed to inequality as some of their most zealous opponents.
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