[extropy-chat] Debate on Peak Oil

Brent Neal brentn at freeshell.org
Mon Apr 25 14:49:50 UTC 2005

 (4/25/05 7:33) Mike Lorrey <mlorrey at yahoo.com> wrote:

>Yes. Political forces want high oil prices for several reasons. One is
>to get America off of its consumption economy, to depopulate the rural
>area further and congregate in cities so as to be easier to control,
>another is to trigger a recession in preparation for a Chinese dollar
>bomb attack prior to their retaking Taiwan (and assisted by JP Morgan).
>Luddite goals which extropians should not let themselves get sucked

I recommend that you stop reading Tom Clancy novels. I think your view of reality is warping just a bit.

What is it about conspiracy theories that make them so attractive to people?

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