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>On Apr 25, 2005, at 5:32 PM, Mike Lorrey wrote:
>>>  study the subject and do nothing in the however long meantime.
>>To imagine that Kurzweil, Gates, and Stewart are of the few hundred
>>spoken of is naive. Their wealth and power pales. Perhaps only Gates
>>rivals the PTB.
>>Besides, another causal link in the chain fell into place: China's
>>government is exhorting its people to put their savings into gold, i.e
>>they are preparing for a war-time economy.
>>The JP Morgan-run chinese banking system is encouraging use of gold
>>deposits and is issuing gold certificates for gold on deposit.
>Good for them!  About time people realized the fundamental worthlessness of 
>fiat currency.  I exhort people to put a lot of their money into gold 
>myself.  For a country to do so is quite prudent in these times .  It is 
>not necessarily a warlike move at all.   Here is a great mystery.  Why is 
>the price of gold flat with that kind of pressure in play?
>>JP Morgan runs the US Federal Reserve Bank. It also runs the Chinese
>>reserve bank. Who therefore stands to profit the most from a conflict
>>between these two nations? It is financing the military infrastructures
>>and welfare systems of both nations.
>All of the banks are going to be hosed if they are called on more than a 
>small fraction of their very highly leveraged positions.  I think you need 
>better scapegoats.
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