[extropy-chat] Crystal Gazing into India Biotech 2010

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Wed Apr 27 05:42:08 UTC 2005

>From BioSpectrum
a short report on biotech trends in India: A business report in 2010 may 
read somewhat like this. "Because of globalization, the world is drinking 
Colombian coffee, using Japanese cameras, driving American cars, ... and 
being treated and cured by novel medicines discovered in India." So the 
outsourcing trend now seen in Information and Communication Technologies may 
continue with biotechnologies. This time, not only due to differentials in 
the cost of work, but also and mainly due to differentials in cultural 
acceptance and regulations of biotechnologies. There is the possibility, 
hinted at but not explicitly mentioned by the article, that we may one day go 
to India for advanced biotech treatments and enhancements still outlawed in 
other parts of the world.
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