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Thu Oct 6 20:21:10 UTC 2005

From: Samantha 

>Hey, I am a "crazed futurist" and I believe you are too! 

Yes and proud of it! :-)

> The cutting  
>edge is never "mainstream".  That is not its nature. 

Wooha - wait a minute. We are frequently discussed in the mainstream, like
it or not.  I usually do at least one mainstream interview a month and or
tv/film interview.   (Actually, the mainstream may not like us.) The point
is that the mainstream is not as ill-informed as it once was.

>  To attempt to  
>make it so merely dulls the edge and removes its original importance  
>and compromises its message.   In order to become a real memetic  
>force the memetic message needs to be fully developed, powerful,  
>inspiring and unique relative to dominant mainstream voices.   
>Attempting to be more mainstream per se is suicidal to fully  
>developing an authentic and unique voice that changes the mainstream  
>by inspiring rather than by attempting to blend in.

Come back Samantha ... - you are going a bit too far off into blandville
for me.

>Exactly what are you calling "outlandish political positioning"?   

I wasn't referring to any people that were on this list who are missed.  

>Such words can be deeply troubling to many here and who were once  
>here and are sorely missed.

Outlandish political positioning relates to the idea--the very idea--that
politics is of more importance than Extropy.  That to me, my dear, is
ridiculous.  Extropy is about more than any narrow or wide ideological vein
that usually runs hot and red and separates intelligent and creative
thinkers by pitting them against each other. 

What is extropy!?  The extent of a system's intelligence, information,
energy, life, experience, diversity, opportunity, and growth!  Let's hear

Now, I'm going to have some tea and put my feet up.


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