Any progress towards AI at all? was Re: [extropy-chat] Futures Past

J. Andrew Rogers andrew at
Mon Oct 10 01:00:12 UTC 2005

On 10/9/05 5:46 PM, "Dirk Bruere" <dirk.bruere at> wrote:
> Well, 10 PFLOP machines are on the boards for implementation by 2011.
> That, IMO, is Human Level processing power.

If we are going to use such a lazy and ambiguous definition of "machine",
we've had 10 petaflop machines for quite a while already.

And asserting that any such thing is "human-level processing power" suggests
that you have far more information than you do.  If you could make that
assertion authoritatively, you could also produce an AI to demonstrate the

J. Andrew Rogers

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