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Russell Wallace russell.wallace at
Mon Oct 10 01:03:29 UTC 2005

On 10/10/05, Dirk Bruere <dirk.bruere at> wrote:
> Well, 10 PFLOP machines are on the boards for implementation by 2011.
> That, IMO, is Human Level processing power.

Not for running an upload it's not, 1E18 flops is a conservative estimate
for that (and that's just raw crunch, leaving aside the question of what
memory latency and bandwidth would be required).

If by "human level" you mean "match human performance by any means, using
algorithms optimal for the hardware", well, 1E16 flops might perhaps be
enough for that, but that's a different topic from uploading (and I don't
expect to have such algorithms by 2011, or soon thereafter).

- Russell
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