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--- Russell Wallace <russell.wallace at> wrote:
Snip Dirk's snip and slice of organisms brains....
> Well okay, that's an idea we had long before 1998, though I tend to
> regard uploading as something separate from AI. It'll be a lot more
> than a decade before we have the computing power for that, though.
> (By 2015 we might have the computing power to match human performance
> in a significant spread of domains _if_ we had appropriate AI
> software optimized to make efficient use of electronic hardware -
> though I doubt we will have such software by then - but _not_ to run
> an uploaded human brain.)

Well, these days researchers are building insect and fish equivalent
brains and robots. I suspect we could get a pretty accurate estimate of
the appearance of human equivalent AI (not brain scanned) by tracking
how quickly research robots develop along the evolutionary path between
cambrian period insects and present day humans. 

With each university/foundation/government budget cycle, how many
evolutionary steps are researchers able to replicate in electronic

Remember that Moore's Law predicts human level general processing power
coming around 2025-2030, but not the software or hardware logic that
makes grey matter human. Ten to the whatever transistors or petaflops
or what have you doesn't mean much sitting in a jar.

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