[extropy-chat] Futures Past

Max More max at maxmore.com
Mon Oct 10 13:00:38 UTC 2005

At 07:49 AM 10/9/2005, Greg wrote:

>Seven years ago, we had a discussion here on the List about what we 
>called "near-term projections" for the future to c. 2015.  I 
>gathered together some of the ideas in that discussion and put them 
>in what I called a "futurist time capsule."  Here it is:
>        http://www.gregburch.net/writing/NearTerm.htm

And *ten* years ago, in Extropy #15, the Future Forecasts section 
"compared educated estimates of future breakthroughs by Gregory 
Benford, Alcor's Steve Bridge, Eric Drexler, FM-2030, Mark Miller, 
Max More, and Nick Szabo."

I don't have the text handy on computer (but will eventually extract 
it from old floppies). Anyone have the time and inclination and the 
issue to type this up for the list?

I recall that Nick and I were relatively conservative in projections, 
while Eric was very gung-ho.


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