[extropy-chat] Futures Past--time-line

Lifespan Pharma Inc. megao at sasktel.net
Mon Oct 10 15:49:51 UTC 2005

> #          Kaku: no computer expert, superstring physicist Michio Kaku 
> surveyed some 150 scientists in devised a profile of the next century 
> and farther. He concludes broadly that from `2020 to 2050, the world 
> of computers may well be dominated by invisible, networked computers 
> which have the power of artificial intelligence: reason, speech 
> recognition, even common sense'.172 In the next century or two, he 
> expects humanity to achieve a Type I Kardeshev civilization, with 
> planetary governance and technology able to control weather but 
> essentially restricted to Earth. Only later, between 800 and 2500 
> years farther on, will humanity pass to Type II, with command of the 
> entire solar system. Once the consensus dream of science fiction, this 
> must now be seen as excessively conservative. 

Once the life and death cycle moves from "0-75 or bust"  to "0-some 
indefinite number+ or bust"  the need to make the big off planet moves 
may  subside and the stay at home development of all the concievable 
base technologies can proceed  so that we can  rapidly and efficiently 
colonize the solar system once  we have decided on a purpose and long 
term plan beyond just
harvesting of raw materials and consuming the goods to further procreate 
the species.

The species needs to get a new objective beyond that of the simple 
continuing  procreation of its genepool.
We cannot remain the simple tribal mentality sociopathic  species we are 
and portray as continuing  in Sci-Fi, star trek etc. 
That is one thing that must change on or before the singularity is reached.

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