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Brett Paatsch bpaatsch at
Tue Oct 11 06:57:49 UTC 2005

Whilst looking through my hardcopy files for the Fahy article on the
feasibility of brain repair I found these diagrams on a "Merckle-Drexler
scenario" for a "Nanotechnology derived Cell Repair Device". The
source (which does contain the Fahy article, is an Alcor publication
from 1993).

See if you can see what's wrong with the picture.

Here's the device.

Here's the device shown against a background with red blood

Here's the same device drawn approaching a synapse.

Hint. A red blood cell has a diametre of around 2000 to
8000 nanometres. 

A synaptic gap might be about 5 nanometres across. The lipid 
membrane of a cell is about 6 nanometres. 

Sadly, what seems possible to us when we are younger and
less knowledgeable *because* we are less knowledgeable does
not always remain possible. 

Brett Paatsch

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