[extropy-chat] A sad day

david deimtee at optusnet.com.au
Tue Oct 11 20:53:14 UTC 2005

Robert J. Bradbury wrote:

>Absolutely no argument.  By having "planned" quakes one would
>reduce the number of lives lost significantly.  It might also
>get people to more properly survey everything from their dwelling
>to their emergency preparations.  But I would not like to be on
>the committee deciding when and where to induce the quakes.
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The only way I could see it happening is if the Govt. first passed a law
giving itself complete immunity to any legal suits. 
As for where, I am not an earthquake expert, but I thought that would
be dictated by the location and weak point(s) of the fault.
As for when, I have reconsidered my earlier post and I now think 8.30 am
on a Tuesday morning in Summer.  All day Monday to prepare, then late
enough for everyone to get out of bed, but you have the rest of the day,
and then the rest of the week, to organise shelters, begin 
repair/rebuilding etc.

It makes sense, but I think you're right about being on the committee  : )


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