[extropy-chat] A view of what politics is.

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  On 10/14/05, Brett Paatsch <bpaatsch at bigpond.net.au> wrote:
    Jeff Allbright wrote:

        I suggested that we think of politics as "social decision-making applied to groups, expecially with respect to methods of influence within those processes."

        I'm getting stuck with phrase "social decision-making".  
        I'm wondering if it is an oxymoron.

      Ah, perhaps this is the crux of the matter. 

    That I'm getting stuck, that I'm wondering, or that social decison-making is an oxymoron? 

  Suggest you try each of your three possibilities in a sentence and see which of the three might be worth discussing.

I left that exercise for you. You said you were frustrated. So was I. 

You asked for comment, I gave it.  Sometimes the email medium makes comment and feedback too much trouble to provide. 

Sometimes frankly the thickness of the one one is conversing with does. I feel that way sometimes, although not usually with you.
I presumed you might too thats why I put the question the way I did. 

    I might have cut out more than you wanted me in this reply but I prefer to focus on the crux of the matter.

  Well, Lizbeth and I just got home from a wonderful Moroccan dinner and my thoughts are more on belly dancing than dialog at the moment. [Added Dionysian aside for benefit of Jean Paul who would like to see us lighten up.] 

   In the part of the email that you cut, I did try to explain.

So did I. 

You seemed to miss the point. Yet you evidence it. People prioritise their time even within social contexts. People make choices about what they attend to. Some prefer Moroccan dinners or light banter to discussions about politics. 

Brett Paatsch

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