[extropy-chat] I would have preferred hotel mints ...

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Wed Oct 19 19:36:08 UTC 2005

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> Subject: Re: [extropy-chat] I would have preferred hotel mints ...
> At 01:01 PM 10/19/2005 -0400, Brian Lee wrote:
> >I think the rule is that if something in your luggage is small enough to
> >fit in a pocket and worth more than $50 it will be stolen by the baggage
> >searchers/handlers.
> >
> >I keep inventories and always end up short when I check bags.
> It might be amusing to attach a transponder to each pocketable expensive
> item ...
> Damien Broderick

The RFID might be the end of this kind of theft.  I
could imagine the baggage check boss passing around
an item for her guys to examine.  No one finds *any*
indication that there is a tracking device on it or
in it.  They pass it thru a detector, which shouts
in a Donald Trump/Mr. Spacely voice "Yourrre firrred!"

You could RFID-audit your bags when you check them,
then redo upon pickup, then immediately alert the
head baggage checker and the airline that something 
is missing, along with a description.  You know people 
would purposely RFID tag something expensive just to 
nail a thief.

RFID has its advantages.


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